Nick Hume

Our firm has just been ranked as one of the 40 fastest growingaccountancy businesses in the UK. We owe so much ofthis growth to the advice and support they provided to direct our business through difficult steps.

Mike Thompson

We have worked with Exigent for nearly 24 months. They have, in that time, cajoled us into developing a business strategy, something the business avoided doing for the previous 20 years. The impact has been immediate, both sales and profit have risen substantially. Just as important Exigent have helped us develop as managers to get more out of our staff.

Max Hasani

The help and advice we received made me focus on what really needed to be done to move my business forward.

Fiona Bailey

They have supported us in several ways over the years and they are the people we turn to first when we need an independent view. 

Tonia Ablett

We called  in Exigent because they seemed to have an approach to our problem that was both practical and affordable. We have been delighted with the results and although we have had to make some very unpleasant decisions along the way;  our business is now stable and we have a way forward. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone”  

Tony Couling

As newly promoted directors  we had a variety of pressing issues facing us. However what became clear was our need to overhaul the sales function. We had for too long lurched from one crisis to another. We chose Exigent to work with us, they were able to quickly understand the underlying issues and have helped us overhaul our sales process from objective qualification to pipeline management.  We are now able to understand how to move sales forward and provide reliable revenue forecasts  for the future.

Malcom Heskins

I would like to thank you for your time and good humoured advice and direction for our business and at this stage I am happy to report that not only do we have a huge amount of work on, but we have also taken on another 4 staff in the last 4 months so all in all things are going in the right direction. 

Matt Saberi

Using Exigent was one of the best business decisioons I have ever made. The bottom line is we have taken on two staff and are currently seeking a third, we have increased our turnover by 33% and we have only been working with them (Exigent) for about 6 months!

Simon Marsh

I would like to thank you for all the advice and support you have given to me in the last 3 years, my company has been trading since 1998 and whilst we were happily trading with two staff at a steady pace I was not quite sure how to move up to the next level. Fortunately I managed to get  introduced  to you, with your advice, support and encouragement the future is looking good as we have now almost doubled our turnover and we now have eight staff.  

Thank you again for helping me have the confidence to move forward, it has been good to know there is someone there to bounce ideas off and talk to particularly when I was under stress.  
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